New Report Supports Positive Trends in IT Hardware Purchases

Cascade Asset Management’s Fourth Annual Benchmark Report provides strong statistical evidence that the hardware remarketing sector showed a strong rebound in 2017; these trends are expected to continue this year. The Madison, WI – based ITAD organization reported that sales of assets grew by over 18% in 2017, with clients refreshing their equipment at an accelerated pace.  The trend supported increased average resale prices for both laptops (7.3%) and desktop PCs (13.4%).

According to the research survey, more than two thirds of responders indicated that they anticipate equal or increased IT hardware purchases in 2018, an increase of about 10% over 2017.  According to study author Neil Peters-Michaud: "While there continues to be a rapid adoption of mobile devices in the workplace, our clients don't plan on giving up their workstations any time soon. Retirement of desktops and laptops is staying fairly consistent, but there is an increase in the disposition of smart phones and the data center equipment that supports them."

Another key finding concerned asset tracking, with 88% of enterprises reporting that they track all laptops, desktops and servers through their lifecycle. However, another interesting statistic suggests that although many organizations perform data destruction on hard drives before they leave their premises, over half 56% did not handle onsite data destruction themselves, but rather outsourced the process. A surprising 11% reported that they continue to rely on hitting the hard drive with a hammer.

Respondents also ranked the value of various certifications, including NAID security certification (44.4%) and e-Stewards Standard for Responsible Recycling (42.2%)..

The Cascade report was compiled from data collected through a November 2017 survey representing organizations with more than 160,000 employees, an evaluation of more than 259,000 refurbished and recycled assets, in combination with a review of related industry research.