DestructData Adds Model 1001 Shredder To SSD Solutions

Destroys SSD media via patent pending destruction shafts with pyramid elements

Consistent with our commitment to source and deliver the widest range of media sanitization and destruction solutions, DestructData is rolling out the SSD Model 1001 Shredder. Equipped with innovative (patent pending) hardened pyramidal drive shaft components designed to destroy a wide variety of solid state media including, SSD drives, tablet boards, cell phones, smart phones, thumb drives, micro SDs, SD cards and more. 

Model 1001 produces end waste that meets DIN standard E-3 when destroying SSD systems including phones and tablets with boards included and DIN standard E-4 when destroying only the SSD board.  

This new SSD solution is a compact, self-contained system with all components housed in a custom cabinet for maximum sound, odor and dust control. The shredder also includes waste bin full/door open indicator with auto stop and energy savings mode.

Read more this SSD destruction solution here.