SERI Formed To Assume R2 Certification Mission

Sustainable Electronics Recycling International or SERI, has announced it will serve as the new home for the R2 (Responsible Recycling Standard for Electronics Recyclers) Standard. The newly formed non-profit has issued an FAQ to answer questions on the part of electronics recyclers.

R2 cover

Q. Is anything changing for R2 certified recyclers?

A. No. SERI is simply the new housing body for the R2 Standard. Nothing has changed for R2 certified recyclers.

Just like R2 Solutions, SERI is committed to transparent, multi-stakeholder decision making regarding any changes to the R2 Standard.

Q. What happened to R2 Solutions?

A. SERI is replacing R2 Solutions as the housing body for the R2 Standard.

The R2 Technical Advisory Committee, R2 Solutions Staff, and the R2 Solutions Board of Directors have all transitioned to SERI, meaning you will be working with the same dedicated electronics recycling professionals and advocates in this new organization.

Q. What do I call my certification? Am I now “SERI Certified?”

A. R2 Certified firms will still be called “R2 Certified”. The R2 Program is not changing.
Q. Why SERI?

A. More needs to be done to advance responsible recycling around the world. The R2 Certification has been incredibly successful in advancing the goals of safe, sensible and sustainable electronics recycling and will continue to be the foundation on which SERI carries out its mission.

A new organization is necessary to carry out additional activities, create new programs and meet new challenges in electronics recycling around the world. SERI is launching several new programs designed to promote responsible recycling.

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