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Introducing our short term, affordable Validator rental program

Compliance and Certification

The Validator complies with Best Practice recommendations from new NIST 800-88 guidelines and requirements in certification programs for:

Data Security Insurance That Reduces Risk

NIST’s newly issued Special Publication 800-88 specifies verification of data erasure with an independent third party tool separate from hardware and software used to perform the original erasure. That’s why media sanitization professionals are increasingly turning to the only device that meets that description: the Validator. 


One week’s Validator rental with unlimited use is less than the cost of sending one drive to an outside Recovery Service for validation.

Introductory Offer Details 

  • One week rental: $395
  • Includes unlimited use - no per drive fees
  • Price includes shipping both ways
  • 100% of rental may be applied to purchase
Hardened travel case included with rental

Hardened travel case included with rental