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25% Off Until July 13, 2018
Engineered to Professionally Destroy A Wide Range of
Flash Media Devices - Securely and Economically
FlashEx SSD Shredder
3/16” (4x15mm) post-shred waste particle size.

3/16” (4x15mm) post-shred waste particle size.

With a waste particle smaller than 3/16” (4x15mm), the Intimus FlashEx is the first economical solution to meet high security standards for destroying flash memory.

Smartphones, Mini-Tablets or SSD drives are now integral components of the modern world. But how do you make sure that private or classified data is destroyed....without spending a fortune?

In order to completely destroy the memory chips in solid state media, it is critical to reduce particles to the smallest size possible.  Up until now, your choice was HDD shredders or destroyers - which don’t meet waste particle size requirements - or industrial disintegrators with huge price tags plus power and size requirements to match.

The Intimus FlashEx is the only safe and reliable way to protect and destroy your sensitive multimedia and digital formats at the point of generation.

The FlashEx Shredder destroys:

  • Solid State Drives (SSD)  [up to 100 / hr]
  • Smart phones  [up to 100 / hr]
  • USB Sticks [up to 500 / hr]
  • Mini Tablets (up to 170 mm width)
  • Various optical media [up to 500 / hr]


  • Plug and Play Convenience:
    With a small footprint and requiring only standard 120V, the quiet FlashEx can be used anywhere in the work place.
  • Less than 3/16" shred  width (4 x 15 mm) particles
  • Standard 120V electrical requirements
  • Auto-reverse - continues to shred media until complete destruction is achieved
  • iControl interface for maximum operator convenience and control
  • Low noise

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Please Call (800) 781-4799 for more information on this special offer!

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