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Ideal for in-facility, high volume IT Asset Disposition operations

  • Up to 108 hot-pluggable bays per system
  • Completely tool-less
  • Per-port pricing starts under $370
  • Powerful, flexible asset reporting
  • Tool-less SAS/SATA & SSD support (3.5" or 2.5")
  • 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 96 and 108 bay models available
  • Additional connectivity for fibre channel, SCSI & IDE available from same system
  • Fully hot pluggable, independent 6Gb/s lanes

Download the RED-M Product Sheet

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  • 4 and 8-drive configurations available
  • Complete, integrated system with the drive bays and reporting capability in the same chassis
  • Support for desktop and laptop HDDs and SSDs
  • Easy to use, tool-free drive insertion
  • Multiple data erasure software options available
  • Fully hot-swappable
  • Expansion accessories for IDE 3.5" & 2.5", along with 1.8" and ZIF for additional tool free loose drive connections.

Loose Drive Erasure Device

The Cypher-L loose drive erasure device is a powerful solution for compliant data wiping on desktop or laptop HDDs as well as SSDs. The fully integrated system is available in formats up to 15 bays and can be configured for any and all major data wiping software products. Tool-free drive insertion means fast set up and production in any environment.

Download the Cypher-L Product Sheet

Cypher 3

Ideal for in-facility, ultra-high volume data erasure of a wide range of storage media

cypher 3
  • Simultaneously erases data from over a hundred loose hard drives or dozens of arrays of various drive protocols
  • Available stand alone or as part of our Modular Rackmount Erasure Devices (RED-M)
  • Both rackmount and desktop configuration options
  • Able to direct-attach to Fibre Channel (FC), SAS/SATA and SCSI connected storage arrays for in place erasure of  drives
  • Pre-integrated with and optimized for any of our professional erasure software options
  • Certified data erasure that provides a defensible audit trail

Call 800-781-4799 for more details about the Cypher 3

Rackmount Erasure Device (RED)

Ideal for in-facility, mid to high-volume, loose drive & disk enclosure erasure

  •  Loose drive support for SAS/SATA
  •  Accessories expand support to IDE 3.5" & 2.5", ZIF, USB etc.
  •  16, 24 and 48-bay models available
  •  Dedicated 6Gb/s lane for each drive bay
  •  Certified data erasure
  •  Available with no usage limitations and NO per-drive fees