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Model 2 SSD Disintegrator

  • 50 SSDs or devices per hour
  • 2 mm shred size for high security Sanitization of SSD
  • 1.5” x 4.5” media feeding opening
  • Internal waste collection bin holds 3 gallons with an auto shut off when full
  • 5 hp motor
  • Custom enclosure for disintegrator and waste collection system delivers maximum sound and odor control
  • HEPA air filtration system for dust control
  • Illuminated operator interface controls, key lock switch, hour counter, and emergency stop button standard
  • Made in USA
  • 2 year warranty on parts, 90 day labor

Two-stage disintegrator for high security destruction of SSD drives and devices

The Model 2 SSD Disintegrator is a powerful, two stage system engineered specifically for the secure destruction of Solid State Drives. Specially enhanced cutting blades combined with waste sizing screens ensure final particle sizes of 2mm edge length or smaller. With production speeds up to 50 units/hour, this model is fully enclosed with internal bin collection and convenient front access.

The Value Kit configuration includes a custom enclosure that houses both the destruction and waste collection systems for maximum sound, odor and dust control. Safety Limit Switches, Key Lock, e-Stop buttons and Hour Meter along with a HEPA air filtration system are also included.