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Ultra-Portable Electronic
Media Shredding System
For profitable onsite data destruction of HDDs,
SSDs, phones and other flash media
Space Saver Package delivers regulatory compliance within a small footprint.
Scanner and software combine to creates a detailed, auditworthy media destruction report.
Combination Pricing
1.5 HP HDD Shredder
FlashEx SSD/Flash Memory Shredder


Roll Them In...
Ready To Go To Work

Both units can be wheeled into the customer facility and plugged into a wall socket. Destruction of SSDs and HDDs can be performed in different locations if desired

1. FlashEx SSD/Flash Memory Device Shredder

With a waste particle smaller than 3/16” (4x15mm), the FlashEx is the first economical solution to meet high security standards for destroying flash memory.

  • Solid State Drives
  • Smart Phone
  • Mini-Tablets
  • USB Drives

In order to completely destroy the memory chips in solid state media, it is critical to reduce particles to the smallest size possible.  Up until now, your choice was HDD shredders or destroyers - which don’t meet waste particle size requirements - or industrial disintegrators with huge price tags plus power and size requirements to match.

More information on the FlashEx Shredder

2. 1.5 HP HDD Shredder

  • 1.5" standard shred width
  • Standard 120v power
  • Compact and easy to roll into place
  • 50 - 600 drives per hour

More information on hard drive shredder options

*Plus freight.

Compare to conventional solutions costing $10,000 more.

Call us now at (800) 781-4799 to discuss your requirements!

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