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Degaussing Verification System
Ironclad degaussing verification integrated with TS-1 Degausser

Ironclad degaussing verification integrated with TS-1 Degausser

Scanning in HDD serial number.

Scanning in HDD serial number.

The game-changing IRONCLAD erasure verification system automates and streamlines the process of verifying that hard drive data has been completely sanitized. Fully integrated with the TS-1 NSA/CSS EPL-listed HDD Degausser, the IRONCLAD system: 
1) Scans the drive’s serial number
2) Captures an image of the degaussed drive
3) Records the operator ID
4) Records erasure status of degaussed drives. 
This essential information is saved in an erasure report, providing complete documentation in a searchable, verified database.


  • Secure image capture system records                 images of degaussed hard drives and tapes
  • Scans hard drive serial numbers as you                 degauss
  • Documents operator ID and erasure status             of hard drives (Internal field checker                 interacts with the IRONCLAD system to                 record the degauss cycle date and time.
  • Generates IRONCLAD erasure report with                 images for audit purposes
  • Provides a searchable, verified database to             satisfy auditors)
  • Creates a secure erasure verification                 process
  • Operates off a standard wall outlet
  • Can be installed on TS-1 models  from 2015             onward that are equipped with USB ports

Download the IRONCLAD Verification Product Sheet


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