Data Erasure Platform Classifications

Fully customizable and designed to be operated from a single location (Erasure Lab, ITAD Facility, E-recycling center, etc). Typically configured as full-spectrum data erasure platforms that come standard with hot plug capabilities.


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  • RED-M - Versatile data erasure software options integrated with custom industrial hardware to match your environment and volume, up to 108 bays.
  • Cypher-L - Complete, integrated data erasure system with 4 to 8 loose drive bays and reporting capability in one compact machine.
  • Cypher 3 - The next generation Cypher is a customizable, ultra-high volume data erasure system
  • Rackmount Erasure Device (RED) - Ultra-high volume rackmount data erasure device series in 16, 24 and 48 bay models


Lightweight, rugged and designed to be shipped or checked as luggage.  Engineered to handle mid-to-ultra-high volume data erasure at any destination. Accelerates processes such as wiping Fibre Channel (FC) or SAS connected storage and other enterprise storage architecture. 


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  • PEEK - Portable, customizable, integrated, industrial-level solution erases disk arrays, or entire cabinets; Optional external connections allow erasure of entire arrays.
  • Cypher 1 & 2 - The first generation Cyphers are customizable, mid to high-volume, portable data erasure systems for applications where throughput is needed and budget is limited.
  • Mobile Sanitization Lab - One of a kind custom mobile data erasure labs deliver electronic data security directly to any data center, office environment or remote location.

Enterprise storage data erasure systems for handling the recurring requirements of data centers, including:

  • Wiping failed Fibre Channel (FC), SAS, SATA, SCSI drives for RMA / warranty replacement
  • Decommissioning SAN / NAS for lease return or tech refresh

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  • RED-X - One customized system has the capability for data erasure on all enterprise hard drive types, 8+  loose drives at once.
  • Enterprise Storage Decommissioning Station - Integrated, do-it-all platform for wiping, and even degaussing / destroying drives in a single, mobile half-rack.  Customized for the specific requirement.


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