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Degauss and Destroy Special:
High Volume Combination Lease to Own Offer

36 mo. lease w / $1.00 purchase option
$499 / Month
Includes PD-5/SSD Crusher and HD-3WXL Degausser
Hard Drive & SSD Destroyer +
Hard Drive Degausser

Perfect for Onsite Projects

  • Mobile
  • High security
  • Professional
  • NSA Guidelines

    More combination packages are available to meet the requirements of any volume or security scenario.

    Optional travel case available: $29 / Month

    DestructData offers the industry's widest selection of data erasure, physical destruction and degaussing solutions to meet virtually any volume or security level.
  • Product details for the HD-3WXL Degausser

    Product details for the PD5 HDD/SDD Destroyer

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