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DestructData is the only data destruction solutions provider capable of meeting your entire data destruction requirement, from non-destruction sanitization, to physical destruction, to independent erasure process verification.  Furthermore, we can assemble package pricing to save you even more.

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Special Combination Packages

Space Saver

Media Sanitization Compliance Package + Reporting System

SpaceSaver combines a DHD 2SS degausser, PD5 HDD Destroyer and a SSD-1 solid-state destroyer integrated with an easy to use Scanner Recorder + Audit Software. Package includes an SSD Caddy and SSD-MT Sleeves. 

More information on the Space Saver.


Ironclad Degausser System


Degaussing Verification System

The game-changing IRONCLAD erasure verification system automates and streamlines the process of verifying that hard drive data has been completely sanitized. Fully integrated with the TS-1 NSA/CSS EPL-listed HDD Degausser, the IRONCLAD system: 
1) Scans the drive’s serial number
2) Captures an image of the degaussed drive
3) Records the operator ID
4) Records erasure status of degaussed drives. 
This essential information provides complete documentation in a searchable, verified database.

More information on the IRONCLAD System