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DestructData is Unique In The World of End of Life Data Security

Over the past decade, DestructData has become the leading independent provider of End of Life data destruction/security solutions.  As a pioneer in this challenging  field, we have worked with the industry’s leading vendors, data recovery experts and certification organizations to develop products and processes for every scenario.  The ability to offer the entire gamut of solutions is why our customers view us as a partner rather than a vendor.

Our certified data erasure solutions are compatible with all platforms and protocols, handling loose drives, storage enclosures and in-system storage media, to assure compliance with NIST 800-88DoD 5220.22M and other key standards or guidelines.

Destruct Data is also the nation’s leading producer of custom data wiping systems.  These appliances are engineered specifically for high capacity or complicated applications involving loose drives, multiple protocols, and asset reporting. This combination of the world's most powerful erasure software and our proprietary customized hardware gives us the ability to provide proper data erasure and testing solutions for any application, mobile or stationary, regardless of size or distribution. 

Along this same path, one of our key achievements has been the introduction of the Validator, the world’s only independent process verification tool. The Validator has been instrumental in moving the marker for professional compliance with global data security certification standards.

In addition, DestructData is one stop source for physical media destruction equipment such as shredders, degaussers, crushers and disintegrators.

Whatever your end-of-life data security challenge, we encourage you to consult with a DestructData data destruction expert as your first step.