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DestructData Is Offering Special Financing on Its
Ultra High Volume Data Erasure Systems.

6,000 Drives/Month
$1,499 / Month
Including all hardware, software & support
RED-960M, 96-bay
Hard Drive Wiping Station

Average Throughput of Over
6,000 Drives Per Month
  • Tool-less, trayless hard drive bays
  • Powerful data erasure software with intuitive reporting
  • Hardware and software supported under one roof
  • Operator training included
  • Improves operator labor efficiency by more than 300% (compared to using off-the-shelf servers for wiping drives).

This special program makes DestructData’s Industrial Data Erasure Systems the world’s most economical and professional data wiping process.

  • More RED configurations are also available, from 24 to 108 bay models.

DestructData offers the industry's widest range of industrial media sanitization solutions.

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