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Professional On-Site / In-House Data Erasure Services

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Conceived to maintain care, custody and control of client data, the onsite services division is able to cost-effectively deliver high volume hard drive sanitization without removing drives from client premises. DestructData's extensive experience developing custom portable data erasure solutions allows us to deploy state of the art technology for complex and diverse erasure scenarios involving multiple vendors and storage environments.

Our professional on-site services are delivered direct or through one of our network partners. The on-site data erasure service is very cost effective on a per drive basis since our custom technology allows us to process high volumes of hard drives simultaneously, even across different storage environments. We can do in a day what our competition does in a week. In many cases the hard drives can remain in the original equipment further streamlining the decommissioning process.

Our philosophy is that all hard drives should be erased while in YOUR custody, regardless of their final destination.

Our proven methodology insures that every single hard drive is processed, with serial number tracking and custom reporting for your record keeping and possible future audits. Nonfunctional drives can sometimes be processed on-site using physical destruction solutions at the discretion of the customer.


Our services division can help you if:

  • You are a small business and only require on-site data erasure services a few times per year
  • You are a large organization overwhelmed by a large scale tech refresh or decommissioning project
  • You have a backlog of storage media (i.e. HDDs/SSDs) that requires processing
  • You are an asset recovery firm or service provider that needs additional resources for a large or unique job

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