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Cypher Series
Boost HDD wiping speeds up to
over software only solutions
For a no-charge,
no-commitment Cypher trial, call 800 781-4799

Purpose-built data erasure servers, are optimized for any data wiping software

  • DestructData's prorietary Cypher hardware can boost productivity for any data erasure software
  • Simplifies the wiping process - does not require expertise in storage architecture
  • Simple to integrate - Loose drive capable
  • Ensures direct-attach wiping capability with the widest range of JBOD (SAN / NAS) architecture in the industry
  • Eliminates "breaking RAID", or LUN reconfiguration
  • Captures actual HDD SNs (as opposed to logical volume identifiers)
  • Simple to integrate
  • Loose drive capable

  • DestructData offers the industry's widest selection of data erasure, physical destruction and degaussing solutions to meet virtually any volume or security level.

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