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Comprehensive Data Destruction Expertise and Unmatched Support to Meet Every Media Sanitization Requirement

DestructData's mission is to defeat the largest obstacles that our clients, and the industry as a whole, face when it comes to protecting information on end-of-life or repurposed electronic storage media, whether through innovation, collaboration, training or support.

Established in 2007, DestructData has become the leading independent provider of End of Life data destruction/security solutions. We offer data erasure solutions along with independent process verification tools satisfying world wide certifications requirements and standards as well as all methods of physical destruction (shredders, degaussers, crushers and disintegrators) for any type of electronic media including mobile devices and Solid State Drives (SSD).  Our custom systems are engineered specifically for high capacity or complicated applications involving loose drives, multiple protocols, and asset reporting. This combination of powerful software and customized hardware gives us the ability to provide proper data erasure and testing solutions for any application, mobile or stationary, regardless of size or distribution.

Our certified data erasure solutions are compatible with all platforms and protocols, handling loose drives, storage enclosures and in-system storage media, to assure compliance with NIST 800-88, DoD 5220.22M and other key standards or guidelines.

For IT professionals concerned with HIPAA, FACTA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, HITECH and other regulatory compliance, DestructData's extensive selection of data erasure software solutions, process verification tools and physical media destruction equipment assures compliance with all standards or guidelines.

Although DestructData is a developer of data erasure equipment for direct sales to large corporations, third party processing facilities and service providers, our service department also provides on-site data erasure services in your data center or office.